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denominazione di origine controllata


Nebbiolo Flos

Born from experimentation and tradition. Playful and precious research of the youth of King Nebbiolo.

Its shades who turn from purple red to violet and blue are the visual cloak of this wine. Elegant and clear in its complexity reveals the violet of Nebbiolo mixed with blue plums, blueberries, blackberries and morello cherries. On the palate it reveals its nobility like a young prince, with vibrant but silky tannins, well bound to contain a gentle pulp, its acid vein is persistent and soft and guides the palate between fruit and minerality. Intriguing, complex and able to persist for a long time with its aromatic sensations.


100% Nebbiolo


Bettolotti in La Morra, vineyards of the 1990s, 230/270m. a.s.l., south- east exposition, 4500/5000 ceppi/ha


clay, calcareous, sandy


cryomaceration before fermentation with the skin for 12/16 days in steel vats. Controlled temperature between 23/26°C. Spontaneous malolactic fermentation


6 months in still