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The vineyards

Our land

La Morra.
Mother of History, son of Bacchus.
Uncompromising guardian of greatness.
Geometry of God’s existence.

La Morra, UNESCO Heritage since 2014. Proudly explained in many documents and the reasons are deeply recognized everywhere.
We think its real nature comes out better in the everyday life.
It is a land to taste slowly, step by step. With no hurry. You have to watch carefully and gently every corner, respecting its silence and beautiful hills that seem covered by elderberry during the sunny days, or tamed by the fog, and becoming brave if defied by the rain.
La Morra is that proud commune, which does not follow the fashion system.
It denies urban identitie as models and even if she is always the same from the beginning of times, its crystallised nature never disappoints those who are looking for Beauty.

Vigneto Bricco Ambrogio

Bricco Ambrogio



Vigneto Rive


La Morra


Vigneto Bettolotti


La Morra