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We were born and raised in a priceless land full of gifts.


To the land. To its gifts.
Expected, hoped miracles.
Came true.

We were born and raised in a priceless land full of gifts. Not understanding and evaluating its beauty and generosity would be an offence.
Moreover, we are the result of who spilled his blood before us, relying on his arms, prayers, unpredictable winds and water.
The vineyard is the Alpha and Omega of our journey. The beginning and the end.
It’s what we love and what we can’t imagine to live without. We were used to breath the dust of the soil warmed by the sun since we were kids, and it marked us. Wine is a powerful glue to connect people together, to open and animate new debates, to reveal secrets, look into the deep of everybody’s soul.
And it wisely accepts to get old.

A job repaid with joy.
Storytell of a dream.
And truths to discover.

We make emotions.
Or, if you prefer, Barolo, Nebbiolo, Barbera and Chardonnay.
Wine is not just a simply job to us. It’s a beautiful love story born at the beginning of last century between our grand-grandparents, Anin and Minot, than continued by Adriana, called Dadà and Giovanni, our grandparents.
Followed by our parents: Maurizio and Graziella. Ending to our generation. Uncorking this story, you will turn the pages of our passion to discover ancient and noble traditions with a touch of unavoidable modernity.
Proud of our background, we use what technology gives us, consciously knowing how important is the hand that drives it.

Land doesn’t give you a rest, even when she does. The Sun, Wind, Rain talk instead of her.

Even if during the year there are some crucial moments, which can make the difference between a good, or a bad vintage, there is a total devotion to the land, without any rest. Even the expectation, for a new bud popping up from the earth or the rain that may be late, can be exhausting. This struggle meets and melts two different concepts along the way:
the rational meticulous calculation thanks to the study and the use of technology, on the one hand, and the total irrational hope and desire that everything may go in the right way, on the other.
At the end, terms are made by Nature and you always have to be ready when she calls you.
Even without notice.