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The screwies

A memory comes out every time we think about how all started, an unclear purpose, then becoming awareness and a choice of life.

There’s this image about ourselves as kids with our parents and that intense smell of must. It seems hard to tell, it’s just a little scrap, a starting point, but we would have made few other things without it. Becoming aware of this marked our turning point, the choice of finding that ethereal thing we were breathing and putting it back in bottle. So today, near to the classical line, a different one, young and lively was born. The cork changes, the style makes new a step forward, to rediscover those young emotions with experience and enological research, that playful and dreamy icon of wine able to evoke lost, numb emotions that were waiting from too long somebody to wake them up, to be finally free to understand and interpret, as when we were kids.

Nebbiolo Flos


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Langhe Bianco Jump

Langhe Bianco

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Vino rosato Ella




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