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Who we are

Two brothers.
Living and breathing the lands.
Crossed paths like climbing plants.

Who we are

I am Ezio.

I was born in ’81. The shaky Gigi Radice’s year to AC Milan, President Ronald Reagan and five hundred thousand people in Central Park in the presence of two genius Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.

My knees have tasted the bitter soil of the vineyard and the soccer field so many times that I have stop to count them. I never give up. I love challenges. To overcome any obstacle. I am graduated in Business Economics but the most exciting accounts are those with myself. I am the traveller: i bring our wine around the world. Always taking planes with our vines in a box. I shake hands, proudly uncork the result of our strengths from country to country. I put the miracles of my land in my bag during every trip.

I am Massimo

I was born in 1978, when a certain Sandro Petrini was becoming President in Italy, while on the other side of the world two guys, Jhon Belushi and Daniel Aykroyd made their debut on TV.

I have breathed more dust of the ground than real oxygen in my life. On the wall, a paper says I am graduated in oenology.
I am the “technical guy” in the cellar: meticulous, stubborn and badass!
Till things don’t work out I can’t go to sleep, but bags under my eyes have never been a problem. I live with my dirty hands but I could never ask for a better life.
I polish them just when I want to ride my motorbike: the only woman the vine is not jealous of.